Scan your site
& check 508/WCAG compliance

Why AccessBot

Accessibility Testing At Speed

Scan your websites in less than 5 minutes and identify all issues at a go. Increase the speed at which you do accessibility testing of your web applications by automating your testing, find more time doing what really matters, that is making the application more accessible!

Tailored to your needs

Whether you are exempt from certain rules in WCAG 2.0 or Section 508 ruleset, or interpret the rules and their impact levels differently, AccessBot provides an easy configurable ruleset tailored to your needs

Cloud And On-premise

Run your tests on the go from any device with our Cloud installation or have an On-premise setup to the applications behind firewall

Devops Friendly Architecture

Start your accessibility testing as early as you can, with AccessBot's ability to scan HTML documents to identify issues. Build your regression pack as the application gets built to run accessibility tests as part of your Continuous Integration. Integrate accessibility tests with UI tests to achieve better coverage

Saves your time

Manual Validation Speed
Manual Validation

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Manual Validation
  • 1-3 hours for one web page
  • High cost of remediation
Automated Validation Speed
Automated Validation

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Automated Validation
  • Takes 1-3 hours for complete web application
  • 10x* speed improvement
  • Medium cost of remediation
Continuous Validation by AccessBot Speed
Continuous Validation by AccessBot

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Continuous Validation by AccessBot
  • Takes 1-3 minutes for complete web application
  • 100x* speed improvement
  • Low cost of remediation

What is Section 508 Compliance

Section 508, an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is a federal law mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities.